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Mixed Use Tower

Spanish firm Moho Architects are currently in the schematic design phase of a mixed use tower for San Jose, Costa Rica.  The tower, whose programmatic elements will range from commercial and retail spaces to offices and hotels, aims to create a strong model of sustainability for the region that will promote eco-friendliness.

The building’s form is conceived of as independent strips that begin to peel away from each other as the tower rises.  Voids are punched through the form to create viewing platforms and a space to add greenery.   The shifting of these strips allows natural light to flood the interior spaces and nurture the vegetated sky courts.

The façade’s wooden brise-soleil filters solar gain while its layered composition reduces the air-conditioning load.   Since the design allows so much light to pass through the space, the need for artificial lighting is nearly eliminated.  By providing a variety of activities in one building, the reliance on transportation is reduced dramatically since both day and night time activities reside in one area.

It is the hope that after this tower is constructed, its success will promote the notion of incorporating sustainable ideas into all structures in the area.

As seen on designboom.  Images courtesy of the studio.

General Information
Location:  Bulevar Las Américas, Sabana Norte, San José, Costa Rica.
Architecture: Moho architects.
Built surface:   28.000  sqm
Preliminary drawings: December 2008


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