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New Russian-Jewish Museum of Tolerance

The committee for the Russian-Jewish Museum of Tolerance finalized the German-based Graft Architects‘ design for the new museum.  Grafts’ renovation and expansion of the 1927 Konstantin Melnikov’s bus depot will transform the space into the world’s largest Jewish museum.

The existing Jewish community center in Moscow contains several Jewish institutions, such as a yeshiva and a university, yet the addition of Grafts’ museum will be the final piece in completing this cultural space.   The museum, which will include a library, a center for Judaic studies and conference rooms, will commemorate Russian-Jewish history and include galleries of Jewish art.

Graft Architects will preserve the landmark garage building while making the interior compatible for contemporary museum expositions. The exterior of the structure will remain untouched, making it a visible monument of Russian heritage, yet the building will be enlarged with the addition of underground floors covering 15,000 square meters.  The new interior will include undulating floors and surfaces that create an organic landscape.  This dynamic interior offers a highly versatile setting for various events and enhances the original shell of the building.   The renovation and expansion is a perfect blend of history mixing with the present.

As seen on designboom.


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