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Bicentennial Arc Mexico City

This is an architectural proposal for the new bicentennial arc here in Mexico City, isn’t gorgeous? Architect Michel Rojkind is the responsible for the whole piece.





I love Mexico City, the city is full of life, it never stops. But the people at the top just are incredibly narrow minded that the ended up pickin THIS.

for more work by Michel Rojkind go HERE, HERE and HERE.




  1. I like the proposal , not the best that i have seen from Rojkind it looks very massive perhaps if the structure of the topology was lighter it would be better however compared to the winning project is 1000 times better it´s very sad to see that the people at the top are not ready to believer this kind of architecture to the people which i think is ready to embrace a project like this, i guess lots of problems with budget are involved as always.

  2. man this project was not meant as a real proposal, he was not beaing realistic, he wanted to make a statement on social housing (pretty bad one by the way), and thank god it was not taken seriously as the project hs more imput from using maya than rojkind himself.

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