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Seoul Performing Arts Center

seoul performing arts center dmp architects plusmood perspective south 550x550 Seoul Performing Arts Center | dmp Architects

Korea-based dmp Architects has proposed an iconic building for Seoul Performing Arts Center located in Nodul Island, Seoul, Korea. The goal of the project is to bring a new life to Han River and Nodul Island which has been forgotten by people of Seoul nowaday. A very good design approach of creating a dramatic roof structure has successfully created playful image to the city.

+ Design Statement courtesy dmp Architects

Han Rive, the soul of the Seoul

Han River, It has been “the stream of life” to the people of Seoul. It provide water for farming and drinking. It provided waterway for transportation. It provided a place for leisure. For centuries, people’s lives revolved around Han River. It was “the mother nature” to the people of Seoul. “The stream of life” also has been the foundation for rapid growth of Korea. The astounding speed of Korea’s economic growth is often referred as “the miracle of Han River.” In addition to provide the essentials of life, the river started to fuel industrial sectors of the nation and to generate and electric power. However, on the other side of “the miraculous Han River,” the meaning of Han River became an emotionless entity in the middle of Seoul, day by day.

Seoul & Nodul Island, A forgotten island at the center of the city

Nodul Island, just like the Han River, is a place that has been ignored, forgotten, and distant to public. It is a part of the city but has not been a part of the city life at all. By putting an eminent public program, in the form of a great cultural entity, it, all of sudden, is expected to be an integral part of the public’s everyday life. If this performing arts center is mainly consisted of those music halls, and if it serves the music lovers mostly, and if the whole facility is not truly accessible to, or not “owned” by the general public, then would this island still be a part of the people? It would be a very small percentage of people, statistically one percent, who can afford to get tickets of an opera or a concert, either financially or time-wise, then for the majority, this kind of cultural living is still very distant and not affordable. When one considers the fact that the most of performance is taking place during the evening time, this island is then again deserted, distant, and isolated from the most people during the daytime. It is like, you are taking away things soon after you have given to them. What we should build there, therefore, is a place for everyone.

seoul performing arts center dmp architects plusmood perspective interior concert hall 550x550 Seoul Performing Arts Center | dmp Architects
Idea of Engaging, The Music Street

In our attempt to give the forgotten island back to people, much part of the center is open to public. The Seoul Performing Art Center is not only for audiences and performers, but exists also for the general public and the gathering of all people in harmony. Our goal is to create spaces where all people hope to come for all purposes. Music Halls of Seoul Performing Art Center will provide excellent environments for performers and audiences. Active and vigorous atmosphere will be created by mixing entries for music halls with identical entertaining programs, retails in very engaging way. For the people who visit the place, the experience of the People Place will remind them the spectacular scenery of Han River.


seoul performing arts center dmp architects plusmood perspective south 550x550 Seoul Performing Arts Center | dmp Architects
seoul performing arts center dmp architects plusmood perspective back 550x550 Seoul Performing Arts Center | dmp Architects
Idea of Entertaining

The People Place is designed to create a space where all people come together and relax with the views of Han River. It is the place of festivity and music for everyone that was planned by creating a walking paths connecting the east and west. By locating ticket booths and information center in the middle of the People Place, it creates simple circulation of people within the Music Street.


seoul performing arts center dmp architects plusmood perspective interior plaza Seoul Performing Arts Center | dmp Architects
Eco-Driven Roof

Environment-friendly building is realized through different technologies such as BIPV(Building Integrated Photovoltaic), active solar systems, and natural ventilation systems. There is no blockage of sunlight or air flow. The roof contains applications of BIPV System, vegetation, and penetration of day light into the building. BIPV installed on the roof will supply electricity produced by solar energy, making the building sustainable and eco-friendly. The natural lighting through the roof will grow nature livings planted within the building, creating pleasant atmosphere.

Emotional Icon

One wants to see an image built on the island that represents our identity, describes humanity, reflects better life styles of everyone; not just for the special ones. It is not a building that people must be there. It is a building with images that people want to see. The roof is a structure of ecology-driven devices with the concepts of greener earth. The geometry is the attire of the traditional dancing. It is a soaring hope. It is a moment of flapping of a bird’s wings. It is a piece of a cloud, wind, light, flux, and wave. We will not define what it is- naming the space calling its nickname is up to people who actually experience the space. Whatever it is called, it will represent the city, Seoul, as an emerging icon.

seoul performing arts center dmp architects plusmood level 26 plan 550x193 Seoul Performing Arts Center | dmp Architects
Floor Plan courtesy dmp Architects

seoul performing arts center dmp architects plusmood roof diagram 550x246 Seoul Performing Arts Center | dmp Architects
Roof Diagram courtesy dmp Architects

+ Project credits / data

Architect: dmp Architects
Title: Seoul Performing Arts Center
Location: Nodul Island, 302-6 Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
District: Urban District; Green District; Cultural Facility District
Site Area: 52,391 sqM
Existing Road: 8 Lane High Way through bridges
Gross Area: 55,307 sqM
Building Area: 30,108 sqM
Building Coverage Ratio: 54.47%
Floor Area Ratio: 105.56%
Structure: Reinforced Concrete+Steel Structure
Number of Floors: 7 above the ground; 1 under ground
Height: 51M
Exterior finish: Metal Panels, Wood Panels, DPG
Mechanical System: AHU(Air Handling Unit) System
Parking: Total 861. (28 surface, 833 basement, 42 handicap)
Landscape: Making of the Island into a park




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