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1st Prize

South Korea

Ki Ok Lee, Sang Hyup Kim

2nd Prize

United States of America, Spain

Jill Stoner, Ibone Santiago, Eduardo Pintos

3rd Prize

South Korea

Jung Dawoon

For the “BUENOS AIRES 2009” Competition, ARQUITECTUM proposed a “VERTICAL ZOO” in the middle of the “Costanera Sur” Ecological REserve, a natural space of “artificial” origin situated on a large area of  land  reclaimed from the river. After having been used as a deposit of demolition rubble, an ecosystem of  grassland, lakes and wooded areas began to develop spontaneously, until finally the area was declared a Protected Natural Reserve in 1986

The “VERTICAL ZOO” seeks to accentuate the Reserve’s natural character, it should take the from of an identifiable vertical element looking forward to establigh itself as a landmark, imposing its presence within the context of the horizon of the reserve. With at least 100 meters high, it should be versatile enough to house a number of distinct funtions related to eduction and recreation, as well as funtioning as a home for the animals and the administrative services associated with the running of a zoo.

Honorable Mention


Emilio Nisivoccia, Marcos García Choca, Vanessa Scarenzio


Arnaud Dambrine, Emmanuel de France


Daniel Cafferatta Malgor, Lucía de León, Sofía Massobrio, Gonzalo Pastorino, Sofía Pinto, María Inés Sandobal


Nicolas Tocrault, Fabien Dupuy, Jerome Iribarren


Victor Hugo Rodríguez Agudelo, Julián Alonso Gímez BEdoya, Diana Patricia Escobar Ochioa, Julián Camilo Yepes Patino


Miguel Arróspide, Federico Lapeyre, Leonardo Botto


Emilio Nisivoccia, Francisco Bosch, Guillermo Murdoch


Alfredo Favio De León Méndez, Marco Alejandro Sosa Sacoto

Italy, Chile

Christian Canonico, Mario Cáceres

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