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02 - Coliseum design based on morphogenesis technology.

solidThinking Inc. delivers ground-breaking new morphogenesis technology with new Inspired version of the solidThinking 8.0 product. This new technology fusses the worlds of industrial design and architecture through generative form making based on the mimicry of nature.

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Global industrial design/styling software company, solidThinking, Inc., today announced a breakthrough in digital product development with the release of morphogenesis (tm.), a new technology dedicated to providing industrial designers and architects with the capability to explore virtually countless design options.

solidThinking 8.0 Inspired Debuts with morphogenesis technology

solidThinking 8.0 Inspired is a brand new product, an enhanced version of solidThinking that comes with brand new software technology. Inspired adds new morphogenesis technology which is a unique computational-based capability to design and form generation, very useful to product designers and architects.

Principles of Biomimicry

Drawing on the principles of biomimicry, the premier release of solidThinking 8.0 Inspired mimics the processes and physical laws in nature to help designers and architects generate forms and structures in response to environmental conditions, and leverage the results to stimulate their designs.

01 – morphogenesis technology in solidThinking 8.0 Inspired – Technology mimics how nature reactions to environmental forces.

01 - morphogenesis technology in solidThinking 8.0 Inspired - Technology mimics how nature reactions to environmental forces.

“Designers and architects have looked to nature for inspiration for some time, but until now they have been limited to visual studies,” said James Dagg, vice president of software development for solidThinking, Inc. “Because the processes and physical laws that influence natural forms are so complex, designers have had to rely on intuition when selecting and adapting biological forms as their sources of inspiration. With the debut of morphogenesis form generation in solidThinking 8.0 Inspired, designers are provided with an environment to replicate biological growth processes in nature where structure develops and takes shape in response to environmental stimuli.”

Using solidThinking 8.0 Inspired, designers can create design space models or import them from other systems. After defining environments around the models, designers can run the software’s morphogenesis feature to grow efficient shapes in response to these environments and form controls. Results can be used as loosely or literally as users wish while formalizing their designs. The morphogenesis feature ultimately acts as a complementary idea generator and inspiration for form.

02 – Coliseum design based on morphogenesis technology.

02 - Coliseum design based on morphogenesis technology.

“The time is right for a 3D modeling software to take the conceptual design space to the next level,” said Alex Mazzardo, vice president of product strategy and marketing for solidThinking, Inc. “solidThinking software has always served as a vehicle for designers to generate, explore and interpret form in their own creative language. solidThinking 8.0 Inspired now brings nature and natural growth processes, the most fundamental sources of design inspiration, to the fingertips of industrial designers and architects – something that has never been done before – allowing users to springboard their ideas in directions they may have never previously considered.”

By getting nature to work for them using the technology within solidThinking 8.0 Inspired, designers and architects will be able to discover forms that are aesthetically interesting, unique and often unexpected while being well-adapted to their intended structural function. Forms created in solidThinking 8.0 Inspired are also typically very efficient due to an economized use of material and are less likely to be radically changed by engineers later in the product development process.

“solidThinking 8.0 Inspired is a testament to our objective to develop and market flexible, user-centric design/styling tools to aid in the industrial design process,” said Robert Little, president of solidThinking, Inc. “We are very excited to unveil a new dynamic that will surprise and intrigue designers and further stimulate their creativity. This is the beginning of much more to come.”

To further explore solidThinking 8.0 Inspired with morphogenesis technology visit the following links:

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