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Botanical 03


At once evoking a spine, an alien creature, and a psychedelic interpretation of the formal French gardens of old, this amazing rethinking of what a botanical garden can be challenges the mind and the senses.

Based on the development of designer Robert May’s personal understanding of the aesthetic sensibility of Extravagance, the project for a new botanical gardens in Moscow uses coherence in excess as a principle that operates on multiple levels.

The contrasting white paths and vibrant colored gardens seem to bleed out of the structure. The various and drastically different spaces are held together by the use of the line, as an individual element, a voided seam in a continuous surface, and a singular element of a network of lines. Standard geometric forms are forgotten as the organic dominates, held together by the continuity of the white concrete shell and the barely familiar elements of the interior.

Botanical 01 Facade detail

Botanical 02 Section

botanical 05 entry

botanical 06 offices

botanical 07

botanical 08



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  1. Great Garden

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