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© Courtesy of mamostudio

Architects: Mamostudio
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Design Principal: Adi Purnomo
Design Team: Danny Wicaksono
Client: Dr. Lau and Evie Miranda
Construction: Adi Y
Site Area: 375 sqm
Project Area: 600 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Mamostudio

© Courtesy of mamostudio

This project is designed at the period after Adi Purnomo released his book “Relativitas” that showed the attitude to put actual and rational reasons as the base of his design decision. It was a time when rationality is re-questioned, whether it is a helping tool to explore creativity or does it creates limitation to find another new possibilities.

ground floor plan

second floor plan

third floor plan

It is a mix building between residential, working and art gallery that sometime is opened for public. Because the client is a photographer and an art collector (he sometime paints and sculpts), lights is an important element for him to do his works.

© Courtesy of mamostudio

What possibilities are open when we are thinking about light in this context? What if we are letting the lights as the material that creates the space? What if we eliminate the “result” or “goal” or “any imagination about form and space” at the beginning?

section 02

© Courtesy of mamostudio

So, we study about characteristic of light for the whole year and found some angles that relates to time. We study how the light could penetrate to the volume needed, by making some models. In one sentences it could be said like this: Letting all the observed phenomena (in this case sunlights that highlighted), to become the tool of the design.


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