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1st Prize Uruguay Emilio Nisivoccia, Tania Odriozola, Ana Alvarez

2nd Prize Uruguay Pablo Delmonte, Cecilia Alamon, Adriana Berta

3rd Prize Italy Filippo Nanni, Lucia Zamponi

Honorable Mentions

South Korea

Junyoung Park, Seugho Yi

Oskia Iturmendi Iraizoz, Ainara Mutuberria Larrayoz


Ken Sei Fong, Katia Sei Fong


Emilio Nisivoccia, Emiliano Recoba, Agustina Vigerani


Agustin Pina, Francisco Magnore, Estela Chapuis

South Korea

Young Wan Kim, Joong Ha Park, Sun Young Moon, Su Bim Kim


Tyohei Baba, Yo Sato, Kenji limura


Grabriela Aguilera, Juan Carlos Soria


Zhenjiang Guo

ARQUITECTUM is the first International Agency dedicated to organize competitions worldwide. Our mission is to promote excellence in design and architectural creativity, giving exposure to architects interested in these kinds of objectives. Our vision not only includes the organization of private architectural projects but also the international idea Competitions which simulate architects to speculate and create with the least amount of restrictions possible, in the most enigmatic, unique and beautiful settings around the world.

Having been one of the first places in the world beaten by a catastrophic event result of global warming, Indonesia has failed to recover from the devastation and chaos. Despite the images that went around the world some years ago, we witnessed how tsunamis, as opposed to what we might think, have become more frequent, as in the recent case of Chile earthquake and has led us to think that it is becoming more urgent to plan a center for prevention and investigation of them. That is why for this contest, ARQUITECTUM by the Faculty of Architecture of the University PELITA Rags thought to pose a real Marine Research Center that addresses this gap, but locating a place not only ad-hoc for this idyllic and beautiful but also in such a way as to eradicate the paradigm that research centers should be kept away from civilization or isolated centers located in either the cities or the wonderful landscapes that the world can offer.
On the contrary, with this project, we intend to incite the participants to show how, through architecture, you can achieve a symbiosis between science and art, between landscape and technology. ARQUITECTUM then tries to draw attention to large technology companies, and oil developers to incorporate into his vision to architecture because, so far, have not found that, for example, an oil platform can be an object that communicate with the landscape or an aircraft with an architectural aesthetic, or at least should have.
Without falling into the folk vision nor a mechanistic view of architecture, with this contest ARQUITECTUM attempts to demonstrate that the role of architects in any project (from a boat to a lighthouse) is critical for inclusion in any context, whether urban, natural or absolutely virgin.
The aims of the contest “BALI 2010” the following:
• Make a call for global architectural ideas that allow the choice of the best project to be located in the Kuta beach in Bali.
• Generate a typology of laboratories which are not only functional but also a contribution to volume and level of relationship with the landscape.
• Designing a marine laboratory studies to help prevent future natural disasters.
• Generate discussion of ideas about the landscape and underwater construction intervention.

Arquitectum 2010©


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