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Enric Ruiz-Geli, Spanish architect is opening a new way of future living comfort. Ruiz-Geli created the Villa Nurbs (NURBS=”non-uniform rational B-spline”) in the coastal town Empuriabrava at the Costa Brava (Spain). The mixture of ceramics and plastics try to optimize the surface and structure, which is important for the temperature regulation inside the house. The wavelike ceramic plates decorate the façade and protect against strong solar radiation.

The complex geometry is stabile but adaptable, the new materials in the area of architecture are a great challenge for the architect and the completion of Villa Nurbs will express all his aim to optimize building resources and to harmonize nature with technology. The energy-saving roof consists of inflatable plastic bubbles. Seen from above you might see the similarity to the eyes of a fly.

Ruiz-Geli studied architecture at the Escola d’Arquitectura Superior de Barcelona and Mississippi State University, he further studied stage design at the Institut Del Teatre de Barcelona and later scenography and architecture at the Ecole de la Villette in Paris. In 1997, he founded the architecture studio Cloud 9 and has since worked with artists from various disciplines.In various exhibitions worldwide, such as “A Green New Deal – From Geopolitics to Biosphere Politics” and “New Trends of Architecture”, Patras, Tokyo, interested people can learn about Ruiz-Geli’s innovative ideas and his experience with new architectural materials.

Special thanks to Jorge Vidal.

Interview and translation by Studio Banana TV.

Studio Banana TV



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