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Yorkshire Renaissance Pavilion

upgrated more images 04/07/09

Bicentennial Arc Mexico City

This is an architectural proposal for the new bicentennial arc here in Mexico City, isn’t gorgeous? Architect Michel Rojkind is the responsible for the whole piece.
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The Nano Towers

The Nano Towers // Dubai // UAE // Allard Architecture // 1

From Allard Architecture:

‘The Nano Towers were proposed as the new headquarters of the DuBiotech Research Park in Dubai. This mixed use development offers 160 000m2 officespace, laboratories, hotel, residential and associated support facilities in a 262m high tower. The canopy at ground level provides sunshading while creating a dramatic entrance to the towers: a conceptual ground plane from which the towers grow.

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Futuristic cellular structure

The fact that architecture is deriving inspiration from the foam-like membrane structures of cells is ironic since the word cell in biology derives from the architecture of monks cells in monasteries. Cell structures have come full circle with innovative structures at all scales, from metalized foam or ceramic foam structural materials to computer derived lattices based on mathematical cell properties.

Emergent Architecture, Stockholm City Library

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Kinetic Architecture (3/3)

upgrated video 04/07/09

Topotrnsegrity – Non – Linear Responsive Environments – Robert Neumayr

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Kinetic architecture (1/3)

fLUX, Binary Waves – Lab[au]


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Algorithms in architecture

Algorithmic architecture uses computers to generate natural looking aperiodic forms that are are a revolutionary alternative to the extreme crystalline regularity of what has up to now been considered modern.

Fractal Architecture

Algorithms in architecture: Michael Hansmeyer

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